About Me

Roma G. Velasco | ᜇ᜔ᜋ ᜄᜇ̢ᜐᜌ ᜊᜒᜎᜐᜃᜓ

MARKETING & PRODUCT OPERATIONS | Inclusive & Human-centered Design

FOUNDER | Pahingalay

🧘🏽‍♀️ 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher [Yoga Alliance], cert. Yoga Nidra + Trauma-informed Yoga

🤎 Unlicensed Psychotherapist: NLC.0107754

🧘🏽‍♀️ Pranayama Student

Teams: CrimpChimps

Kablaaw [Hello]! I am Roma, or in Baybayin [Filipino Indigenous script], ᜇ᜔ᜋ.

Born and raised in the Philippines 🇵🇭 [of Northern & Southern Luzon ancestry] and currently enjoying the opportunity to live and work in the Land of the Arapaho, Ute, and Cheyenne Peoples [Boulder, Colorado] while exploring other parts of the world.

Quick story...

Whenever someone asks me about the best decision I've ever made, I love sharing a story that would make financial advisors and money gurus cringe.

"Once upon a time, almost a year after my divorce from a 5-year marriage, I found myself in a tough spot. I had given up my share of the house I co-owned, took over $20K in credit card debt, had zero savings, and was barely making ends meet. But then, something incredible happened. I received a $5K bonus from work that completely changed my life. And guess what I did with that money? I didn't put it in the bank, invest it, pay off my debt, or even use it to stay ahead of my bills. Nope, I did something wild. I SPENT IT ALL in just one month!"

Here’s what I did…

I reached out to one of my childhood best friends and convinced them to go on a two-week trip with me to Europe. To make things even more adventurous, I invited my new boyfriend, whom I had only known for less than a year, to join us for another two weeks. I took a whole month off from work and made it clear that I didn't want to be bothered while I was away. And so, I embarked on an unforgettable journey across Europe. I explored ten incredible countries, chased waterfalls and witnessed the mesmerizing northern lights in Iceland, climbed the boulders in the enchanting forest of Fontainebleau, dreamt about living in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, relaxed in the famous baths of Budapest, and breathed in the fresh air of the Scottish Highlands.

I believe that the best success stories are not the ones measured by numbers or placed on a plaque. The best success stories are the ones that you feel within you and others feel from you!

And you know what happened after I returned from that trip?

When I returned from that incredible adventure, something inside me had changed. I finally had the confidence to leave my old job, which had been draining me day in and day out. I took a leap of faith and joined a human-first organization where I thrived for the next five years. Not only did my career flourish, but my intimate relationship with that same guy I dragged along on my European "shenanigans" blossomed as well. I managed to pay off all my credit card debts, and co-owned a house once again. And I am proud to say “NO REGRETS!”. Don’t worry, I will not get that tattooed on my chest.

So many great things have happened since I made that decision to let go of the largest money I could have ever seen in my bank account during that time. Because I’d rather say yes to adventures. I’d rather say yes to ME! Then I found passion in life, work, sports, and in my relationships. I realized that with determination and a whole lot of heart, I COULD MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN. I wanted to qualify for USAT Nationals someday. One year of triathlon and learning how to swim, done! I wanted to climb frozen waterfalls but the gears are expensive. It’s an investment, do it! Done! I want to travel outside the country 2x a year. We’ll make that money somehow. And sure enough, we did!

I did not invest that $5k in the bank, instead, I invested it in ME. The ROI of that spend, to this day, is endless. The experiences, learnings, relationships, joy, and growth that I gained from that investment will never depreciate in value. Never.

This is the principle that I want to bring when I work with any person, team, or organization: Treat your energy at work and in your personal life as an investment. You have to invest in your own WEALTH-BEING before you can gain from it and do something awesome with it.

I have been working on my “Lead your life: From a Triple F leader to a TOP Leader guide. And I can’t wait to share it with you!

So, how about you? What is one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life?

...I invested it in ME. The ROI of that spend, to this day, is endless. The experiences, learnings, relationships, joy, and growth that I gained from that investment will never depreciate in value. Never.

Professional Qualification

Where do I see myself in the next 3 years?

My goal is to grow teams and organizations to lead and operate independently with or without me and my role. This allows me to become available to tackle new challenges and opportunities, and find novel ways to create new value, within or outside the organization.

Read: Staying Relevant by Becoming Irrelevant: An Unconventional Approach to Career Growth

Here's how I do it: 

- I help teams achieve success by optimizing their cost and operational efficiency, making a significant impact within the organization in a short amount of time.

- I help streamline operations, eliminate waste, improve productivity and profitability, and help teams achieve their goals.

- I bring in sustainable and lasting change that benefits the organization in the long term and empower teams to continue these improvements independently.

I achieve these milestones within a 2-year timeframe or less. If this is the type of leadership you are looking for, let’s connect!

Key skill areas:

- Marketing campaign development & execution

- Marketing collateral design & production

- Campaign performance monitoring & reporting

- Market research & analysis

- Performance metrics monitoring & analysis

- Product development & launch

- Product lifecycle management

- Product presentations & demos

- Cross-functional collaboration

- Operations management (systems, inventory, logistics, vendors)

- Training program development & delivery

- Sales enablement material development

- Budget management

Outside of work, I enjoy activities that challenge my body and mind such as rock and ice climbing, gravel cycling, triathlon, sport shooting, and yoga. All these and my formal training in Human Performance Psychology, contribute to my understanding of human performance, motivation, and drive when working with teams and on projects. 


​Key Specialties & Work Experience

Product Operations + Project Management

Integrated Work | Boulder, CO| May 2018 - May 2023 | Product & Marketing Lead

Key contributions:

I was also a Project Coordinator for numerous Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-sponsored Peer Learning Team including Primary Care Association (PCA) CEOs, Value-Based Care, Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) Leaders, Health Center Leaders, Quality Improvement, Communicating Health Center Value, Health Center Practice Transformation, Health Center Finance and Reimbursement, and Workforce Development.

Current Projects & Recent Products Developed:

Marketing Communications + Branding

Most recent Marketing Lead experience [as Product Lead] with Integratad Work from May 2018 - May 2023

TetroPerformance | Broomfield, CO | January 2016 - May 2018 | Marketing & Web Consultant + Success Coach

ExtractCraft | Longmont, CO | February 2015 - June 2015 | Marketing Communications Consultant

TinkerMill - Longmont Makerspace | Longmont, CO |  June 2014 -  June 2015 | Marketing Communications Manager

Sacred Heart School-Sunvalley | Paranaque, Philippines | January 2016 - May 2018 | HR & Marketing Coordinator

Education, Teaching, & Training

IBMC College | Fort Collins, CO | August 2014 - June 2017 | Adjunct Faculty

Sacred Heart School - Sun Valley / Galileo Enrichment Learning Program | Paranaque, Philippines | May 2008 - March 2010 | Teacher-Facilitator

Other work experience:

Operations & Customer Success

Longmont Housing Authority | Longmont, CO | August 2014 - May 2018 | Community Manager 

Key contributions:

Managed an 82-unit Low-Income Housing Tax Credit property; two 60-unit Low Income Housing Tax Credit, senior housing; and a 30-unit Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, multi-family housing. Qualified and processed Section 8 Vouchers and Project-based Vouchers. Followed and maintained compliance with Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Fair Housing Act. Led the construction and renovation projects of an 82-unit, 3-level occupied building working closely and coordinating with vendors, contractors, and the construction team. Managed logistics, scheduling, and resident-related activities during the construction project. Qualified all residents as the campus became a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit property in November 2016 and complied with the investor deadline.

Other work experiences:

JEDI [Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion]

Integrated Work | Boulder, CO | January 2020 - May 2023 | Facilitator

Co-created and co-facilitated various JEDI programs such as Amplify Your Impact, JEDI Gym, and the JEDI Journey Cards. Design and develop products, programs, and marketing campaigns that are JEDI-focused. 

Current Projects & Recent Products Developed:

"She has a wonderful way of connecting and evolving creative ideas and has endless energy in putting those ideas into play on projects..."

-Michelle Dodd, CEO | Merge Studio