About Me

Roma G. Velasco | ᜇ᜔ᜋ ᜄᜇ̢ᜐᜌ ᜊᜒᜎᜐᜃᜓ

PRODUCT & MARKETING LEAD | Inclusive & Human-centered Design

FOUNDER | Pahingalay

🧘🏽‍♀️ 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher [Yoga Alliance], cert. Yoga Nidra + Trauma-informed Yoga

🤎 Unlicensed Psychotherapist: NLC.0107754

🧘🏽‍♀️ Pranayama Student

Teams: CrimpChimps

Kablaaw [Hello]! I am Roma, or in Baybayin [Filipino Indigenous script], ᜇ᜔ᜋ.

Born and raised in the Philippines 🇵🇭 [of Northern Luzon ancestry] and currently enjoying the opportunity to live and work in the Land of the Arapaho, Ute, and Cheyenne Peoples [Boulder, Colorado] while exploring other parts of the world. 

​I am currently the Product and Marketing Lead at Integrated Work. I have over 14 years of combined experience in product development, marketing communications, brand & design, project management, customer success management, operations, teaching, and training. Outside of work, I enjoy activities that challenge my body and mind such as rock and ice climbing, gravel cycling, triathlon, sport shooting, and yoga. All these and my formal training in Human Performance Psychology, contribute to my understanding of human performance, motivation, and drive when working with teams and on projects. 



​Key Projects & Specialties

Mga Mahalagang Proyekto at mga Espesyalidad 

Product Development, Design & Operations

Integrated Work | 05.2018 to Present

Product Manager >> Brand & Product Lead >> Product Development & Operations + Marketing Lead

Manage and lead the development and design of new and existing products and services. Build and manage product operation system, maintain said system, and ensure a smooth flow of communication, data collection & analysis, and automation. Build and design back up system for online, e-commerce, and automation functionalities. Manage vendor relationships in relation to product and marketing. Lead the organization's brand building, developing and enhancing brand awareness and brand experience through products, programs, services, and marketing. Design, develop and manage multimedia content. Prior to becoming the Product and Marketing lead, I held Brand Lead, Product Manager, and Operations Coordinator positions at the organization. I was also a Project Coordinator for numerous Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-sponsored Peer Learning Team including Primary Care Association (PCA) CEOs, Value-Based Care, Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) Leaders, Health Center Leaders, Quality Improvement, Communicating Health Center Value, Health Center Practice Transformation, Health Center Finance and Reimbursement, and Workforce Development.

Current Projects & Recent Products Developed:

Marketing Communications & Branding + Project Management

I consulted for and worked with various companies from technology startups to performance coaching teams on marketing communications, branding, and online presence. I built and/or redesigned company websites, created multimedia content for marketing and social media, and managed social media accounts.

Education, Teaching, & Training

I worked with adult learners and students who just completed their GED. Taught college-level courses in general education and business such as General Psychology, Psychology of Success, Advanced Business Computer Applications and Marketing Awareness. I have also worked for an early childhood education center in the Philippines as a Teacher-Facilitator for their after-school program, Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, teaching English / Reading and Mathematics to students ages three to 12. I helped increase the number of enrollees and enhance the learning experience of students through improved academic performance by implementing the curriculum based on the learning needs of every student. 

Customer Success, Operations, & Administrative

What does my logo mean?

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng aking logo?

Kalinga Tattoo Motif: Mountains

These mountain designs are often found on the chests of Kalinga men and the arms of the women. On their own, they are mountains. When they face each other, they represent the paths and rivers in between the mountains as well. Symbolically, this has a deeper meaning of guiding the individual on the proper path or flow in life.

The Kalinga people are an indigenous ethnic group whose ancestral domain is in the Cordillera Mountain Range of the northern Philippines. The Kalinga people have a reputation for being “the strong people of the Cordilleras.” At the same time, Kalingas greatly value family and kinship; thus, the household, extended household of the kinship circle, and territorial region are significant units of Kalinga society. In the past, they gained leadership and respect through headhunting, along with other skills at which an individual excelled. Their neighbors and even invaders feared them due to their reputations as headhunters. In fact, the name Kalinga, which originated from the Gaddang and Ibanag languages, means “headhunter.” Learn more...